You can add preferred practitioners to your dashboard to be able to quickly book appointments with your preferred practitioner.

You can do this by clicking on "Find Practitioner" on the menu on the left side of your screen (1), or by clicking (if you have no appointments booked) on the "Find Practitioner" button under "your next appointment" (2).

Once you have clicked on "Find Practitioner" your will be directed to the practitioner page. You can search your preferred practitioner in the Search Bar.

Once you have found your favourite practitioner you can add him/her to your favourites by clicking on the "little heart" located on the top right of the practitioners profile. (see image below).

If you then go back to your personal dashboard you will be able to see that the added practitioner is listed under the "Favourite Practitioner" box. If you want to add more favourite practitioners click on the "Find Practitioners" (1) on the menu on the left, or click on the "Add more Favorites" (2) button in the "Favourite Practitioners" box.  

This is how you can add preferred/favourite practitioners to your personal Healthbank Dashboard!

I hope this helped!

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