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How do I book an appointment?
How do I book an appointment?

Booking an appointment with your preferred practitioner.

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Below are the steps to take to make an appointment with your chosen practitioner:

Go to and scroll down, the main page allows you to view all the practitioners currently on HealthBank.

You can view a practitioner bio by clicking on "view profile" or their picture. To book an appointment with a particular practitioner, go to their personal profile and on the right side of the page you are able to select and book the desired type of appointment.

Once clicking on “Book Appointment” You will be asked to sign up or if you already own a Healthbank account, log in as a patient to finalize your booking.

Once you filled in your email and password and clicked the "sign up" button you will be sent a confirmation email to finish setting up your account. (If you did not receive any mail please check your spamfolder)

Click on the "Confirm my email address" button in the email.

You will then be redirected to HealthBank to confirm your appointment. Click on the "Next" button to add a payment method. 

Add a credit card details to pay for the appointment. This information will be securely and privately stored in your profile so you will not have to enter this data again for future bookings unless your card expires or doesn't have enough funds. Once you have saved your payment method, Click the “Save” button 

Confirm your appointment information by adding "your name (1)" and "phone number (2)" and click the "Confirm" button (3). 

You now successfully booked your appointment with your preferred practitioner!

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