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How do I add and verify my qualifications
How do I add and verify my qualifications
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Why do I need to add my qualifications?

At HealthBank, we value genuine expertise. That's why we highlight each practitioner's professional association on their profile. It's a simple way for patients to see that they're connecting with a qualified expert.

Our aim? To create a trustworthy space where quality care comes first. We're proud to stand by our practitioners, showcasing their dedication and authenticity in the health field.

How do I add and verify my qualifications?

In the left hand navigation go to Settings > Qualifications []

Select your profession/s

You can select multiple professions if they apply to you

Add your professional associations

1 . Select the drop down arrow in the box under "ASSOCIATION" to select the professional associations that represent the profession/s that you selected.

2. Add your membership number that your received when your registered with your professional association

3. Upload your current letter of resignation, please ensure that the letter you upload is valid for the current year.

Add your Tertiary Qualifications

You can add multiple tertiary qualifications in a comma separated list

Add your areas of special interest

Areas of Special Interest highlight what you're skilled and passionate about. They help patients easily find and connect with practitioners who have the expertise they're looking for. By listing your special interests, you make it simpler for patients to choose you when they need someone with your particular knowledge.

Submit for verification

Your qualifications are important to us at HealthBank. Once submitted, a team member will review them, typically within an hour during working hours. If there are any questions or clarifications needed, we'll promptly get in touch with you via email.

Once your qualifications have been verified, you can publish your profile and start practicing on HealthBank.

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