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How do I create a product order?

Follow these steps to create a product order for your clients (supplements and pathology).

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Once you are logged into your HealthBank account, follow these steps:

  1. Click the '+' icon in the top right corner.

  2. Select add new PRODUCT ORDER.

  3. Select patient from the drop down selector

  4. Add products from catalogue (search by brand name, category of health or name of product)

  5. Edit dosage instructions (if required) by clicking EDIT INSTRUCTIONS. Change the quantity of the product (if required) by clicking - or + then click SAVE.

  6. Select the commission structure that you would like to apply to that specific client by clicking the dropdown selector. The system will remember your choice for future orders.

  7. Add additional notes for your client (if required)

  8. Click Create Order

Once you have created an order, your client will receive an email and mobile push notification that you have sent them a product order. Your client can access their order through the mobile app or their HealthBank client portal on desktop.

Once the client has purchased the order, HealthBank will complete the order on behalf of the practitioner.

If you would like to book a quick 15 minute feature demo with one of our friendly customer service team members, please click the button below.

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