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Creating a form and attaching it to appointments
Creating a form and attaching it to appointments
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The HealthBank form builder allows you to create digital forms and share them with your patient.

How to create a form

Navigate to the form builder in the left hand navigation panel:

+ Create new form:

Give your form a name and description

NB your patient will see both the name and description, so make sure these will make sense to your patients

Select the questions you want to add from the question bank:

NB you can search for a specific question or category using the search field - searching will delete your form title, we're working on fixing this

You can select an individual question or all the questions in that category

Custom Questions

If the question you want to ask is not in the question bank, you can create a custom question:

Navigate to the bottom of the question bank and add custom question:

Add your question, the response type and the category it belongs to:

If the question is drop down or multiple choice, add the responses your patient can choose from:

Your custom question will automatically be added to your form, you can find your custom question in the custom question category:

Attaching a form to an appointment type

Go to settings > appointments, and select the appointment that you wish to add the form to and edit

Select the form you wish to attach from the Forms down down and Save

When will my patient receive this form?

When a patient confirms this appointment type the attached form will automatically be sent to them to fill in on the HealthBank mobile app.

NB forms are only available in the Mobile App, if your patient is unable to download the app, you can fill in the form with them during your next appointment

Where do I find the responses?

Navigate to the patient record to the forms section, this section will show you the form status (not started, started or submitted)

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