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How do I claim Medicare and Bulk Billing appointments online?
How do I claim Medicare and Bulk Billing appointments online?

How to enable Medipass and process Medicare claims online.

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You can process bulk bills and patient claims directly from HealthBank without the need for a terminal. HealthBank has integrated with Medipass, a digital health payment company, to allow you to process Medicare and HICAPS claims directly from your practitioner profile.

Enabling Medipass

When you first sign up to HealthBank, you will see a notification on your Dashboard to enable Medipass under the heading "Bulk Billing and Claims". If you are eligible for Medicare, HICAPS and/or bulk billing and wish to claim appointments online, click the "Enable Medipass" button. This will send a request to the HealthBank team to review your eligibility to claim.

Once the HealthBank team have verified your details you will receive an email (pictured below) with an electronic Online Claiming Provider Agreement form to sign. The reason for this form is that every practitioner eligible for Medicare and/or HICAPS rebates will have to set up a new provider number under HealthBank.

When you have signed the form, you will need to email it back to Medicare at [email protected].

Please note that Medicare requires 5 days to activate your account after submitting your completed form before claims can be approved. You will be notified when this process has been completed.

After your Medipass account has been activated, you will need to update your appointment types. You can do this by clicking on "Update your appointment types" button in the mail or by clicking following these steps:

  1. Click Settings

  2. Click Appointments.

  3. Click on the "3 dots" (3) on the right side of you appointment type and click on "Edit".

When you click on "Edit", a side menu will slide out from the right of your screen. To enable Bulk Billing for this appointment type tick the box "Allow bulk billing" and click "Save".

After you have enabled Bulk Billing for your appointment type, it will show a small Medicare logo in your HealthBank practitioner profile (as seen below). This logo will indicate that you offer bulk billed appointment to patients.

How to Book and claim a Bulk billable appointment.

When a patient wants to book an appointment with you the patient can now choose if this appointment is to be Bulk billed (1). The patient will then need to fill in the Referrer Details (2) and their own Medicare details (3) to confirm the eligibility.

Once the patient has booked the appointment, you will be able to see that they have selected Medicare as payment under the "Payment Service" header.

When the appointment has ended, you will be able to claim the appointment with Medipass.To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Appointments tab

  2. Click on Unclaimed tab

  3. Click on the appointment you want to claim

Once you click on the appointment, click on the "Claim" button on the top right of the screen.

A Medipass popup screen will come up, fill in the missing information and click on "SUBMIT CLAIM" on the bottom of the popup screen.

If all the information is correct you will see a banner telling you that your claim has been successfully submitted.

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