There are TWO ways to place a product order for your patient. Follow either of these steps:


Firstly, click on "Product Orders" on the side menu.

When placing your first order you will see the notification in the screenshot below. Click on the "Place An Order" button to place your first order.

You will be prompted to request access to this feature before you can place your first order. Click on the "Request Permission" button as shown in the picture below. Once you send your request, the HealthBank team will grant access within 24 hours.

Once permission has been granted, you can then place your first patient order which will look like the screenshot below.

To place an order, follow these steps:

  1. Select a patient from your list.

  2. Select products you wish to order for your patient under the heading "Add Products". You can search for products by "brand", "product name", "health category" and/or "dietary needs/allergens". Add the product to your cart by click and drag or simply click the "Add" button. You can then edit the quantity of the product and the dose by clicking "Edit instructions".

  3. If you wish to add notes for the patient, you may do so in the given field.

  4. Once you have completed your order, click on the "Create Order" button to submit the order.

When you submit your order, your patient will receive the email shown below which will prompt them to view and pay for the order.

You may edit or update your product order at any stage prior to your patient purchasing the order. You can do this by clicking on the order under the following tabs: PRODUCT ORDERS >. Proposed.

Once your patient has completed the order you will receive an order conformation email as shown below.

To check on the status of your product orders, click on the "PRODUCT ORDERS" tab on the left menu. Click on "All" and you will be able to see the orders you made for your patients. Under the "STATUS" header you will be able to see if the patient has paid for the order (1) or if it's still pending (2).


You can also place a product order by clicking on the "ADD / PLUS SIGN" button in the top right corner tool bar as seen below. Then you can follow the same process as mentioned above.

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