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The Dashboard widgets, how do I read/use them?
The Dashboard widgets, how do I read/use them?

how do I use the Healthbank Dashboard and how do I read the widgets.

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When you log onto Healthbank as a practitioner you will immidiatly see your "Dashboard". The Dashboard consists of multiple widgets to give you an overview of your practice/profile performance on healthbank.

What do these widgets tell me, and how do i use them to my advantage?

Widget 1: Revenue this week.

The widget pictured below "Revenue this week" shows you your revenue per day for the current week and the week before.

The left graph shows the revenue made from appointments on the Healthbank platform while the right graph shows your revenue from sold products* (*coming soon).

This widget helps giving you a clear and precise overview of the revenue made.

Widget 2: Bookings

The widget pictured below "Bookings" shows you your bookings made this week, the widget also shows the percentage of "new patients" that made a booking with you that week.

The indicater next to the amount of bookings shows you your progress compared to the week before.

Widget 3: Profile Views

The Widget pictured below "Profile Views" shows you how many people have been looking at your practitioners profile on Healthbank.

The Indicator (in red) shows you the amount of profile views compared to the amount of profile views the previous month in the same period.

The circle on the right shows you how many of the visitors were new visits and could be potential new clients.

Widget 4: Weekly Earnings

The widget pictured below "Weekly Earnings" shows you how much your earnings are this week and on what date healthbank will pay out your weekly earnings (Payment day).

The green (or red) indicator below your weekly earnings, shows you your earnings compared to your earnings from the previous week.

Widget 5: Appointments

The widget pictured below "Appointments" shows you your upcoming appointments. With the "dots" in the upper right corner of the widget you can move between upcoming appointments and view the booking details of these appointments.

By clicking on "see Calendar" you will be redirected to your Healthbank calendar to have a better overview of your appoiontments.

Widget 6: Bulk Billing and Claims (Medipass)

In the picture below you can see the widget for "Bulk Billing and Claims" this widget will only show on your dashboard when you still need to enable Medipass.

Once you have clicked on "Enable Medipass" the widget will change to the picture below. After our Healthbank team verified your details you will receive an email with further instructions.

This is how the Healthbank dashboard works, I hope this helped!

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