If you want to add a patient to your practitioner profile and he/she is not yet on Healthbank, you are able to add/invite them by clicking on the "Add New Patient" Button under the "Total Patients" tab on the homescreen of your practitioner dashboard.

Once you clicked on the "Add New Patient" button a menu will slide in on the right side of your screen. Fill in the "First Name" "Last Name" and "Email Address" and click on "Send Invitation". An email invitation will be sent to the patient.

After clicking on "Send Invitation" The patient will be added to your total number of patients and you will be able to send them New Appointments.

The new patient will receive an email that you would like to connect with them on Healthbank (see image below).

This is how you add a new patient to your healthbank practitioners profile!

I hope this helped!

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