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How do I sync my practice manager calendar to my HealthBank calendar?
How do I sync my practice manager calendar to my HealthBank calendar?

Adding your appointments from another practice managment tool to your HealthBank calendar

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Most practice management platforms will provide you with an external calendar URL, which allows you to view your schedule in external calendars such as iCal, Google Calendar and Outlook.ย 

Here are the steps to take so you are able to add your appointments from other calendars to your HealthBank calendar:

  1. Log into the platform you are wanting to export your appointments from.

  2. Find the External Calendar URL and copy the link.

  3. Log into your HealthBank profile and click on "Settings". Under Settings, click on "Calendars".

4. Click on the "Connect another calendar" button to add a your Practice Manager Calendar.

5. A Select Provider pop up menu will slide in on the right side of your screen. Click on "Other Calendar"

6. An Other Calendars pop up menu will show. Paste the external calendar URL here (1) and click on "Add Calendar"(2).

7. Under the Calendar URL tick the SYNC box to sync your external calendar.

Once you have synced the URL, return back to your HealthBank calendar and you should be able to see your imported appointments.

This is how you can sync your Practice Manager Calendar to your HealthBank Calendar, I hope this helped!
TROUBLESHOOT: If you cannot see your appointments, try refreshing the page.

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