There are TWO ways to propose a new appointment to a patient.

1) Click on the "Calendar" tab. Choose the date and time that you want to propose an appointment and click on that slot in the calendar. A side modal will appear to Add a New Appointment and set your availability or unavailability.

Select "Appointment" (1) to add a new appointment proposal, If the appointment is for an existing patient select the patient (2) by clicking on the drop down box and select the patient you would like to send an appointment proposal.

Choose the consultation type (3), choose the date and time for the appointment and choose the attendance type. After you have done these steps click the "Request Appointment" (4) button. The patient will receive an appointment invitation, which they can accept.

If the appointment is for a new patient, click on the "+ Add New Patient" button(see image below). Enter the patient’s First and Last name, and email address. Continue to enter the appointment information as per above and click the "Request Appointment" button. The patient will receive an email invitation to join HealthBank as well as your appointment request.

2) Click on the "Plus" symbol (1) in the top right hand corner of your dashboard and click on the "Appointment" (2) button.

A side modal will will appear where you can proceed to enter the appointment details as per the instructions above.

These are the two ways you could book/propose a new appointment to your patients.

I hope this helped!

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