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How do I add patient treatment notes?
How do I add patient treatment notes?

Adding patient medical/treatment notes

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You are able to write and save patient treatment/medical notes when you start your appointment. You can do this by the following steps:

1) To join the appointment follow the steps in the How do I join my online appointment? FAQ.

2) Within the patient profile, you will be able to click on the "+ New Note" button under the Notes header.

3) Once you click on the "+ New Note" button, you will see a text box. You can record your treatment notes here. The note function has an Autosave function so there is no need to worry about losing your notes if you navigate away from the page. 

4) Once you have finished writing the patient notes, click the "Save" button to make sure the notes are being stored. 

5) You have the ability to edit your treatment notes up to 24 hours after your appointment and it can be viewed at any time by navigating to the patient’s profile.

How do i get to the patient profile?

To get to the patient profile take the following steps:

Click on "patients" (1) on the leftside menu and click on the "patient" (2) you would wish to add the note for.

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