How and when do I get paid?

Getting paid with Healthbank

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When you sign up as a practitioner on Healthbank you need to complete your profile, as part of the process you are asked to provide your bank account details.

The information required for you to get paid is:

  • Your bank account name

  • Your BSB

  • Your account number

You must supply the above information or you will not be able to get paid. Payments are dispersed, weekly on a Thursday. Funds generally arrive in your account the following business day. You will receive a remittance advice for your records for all the appointments that have taken place and paid for during that week.

You can see the details of you pending payout by clicking on the "Payout" link in the sidebar.

If you need to update your bank account details, you can always click on the "Settings" (1) tab of your dashboard followed by the "Bank Account"(2) tab, and at last click on the "Edit" (3) Button.

This is how you will get paid with Healthbank, I hope this helped!

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