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HealthBank Video Consultations - which browsers are supported?
HealthBank Video Consultations - which browsers are supported?

Which browsers are supported with HealthBank Video Consultations?

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On Windows

On Windows you can use either Chrome or Firefox. Edge is not supported at this time, although we plan to add support in the future.

On Mac

On MacOS you can use Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

Android devices

On Android you can use Chrome or Firefox.

iOS devices

On iOS, please use Safari. Chrome is not supported due to a limitation in iOS that prevents video calling in third party browsers.

For the best video call experience, please use the latest browser version available

You'll see a notification if your browser version is not up to date. Whichever browser you choose, we recommend updating to the latest version. This ensures that you have the latest security updates, as well as the best video calling experience.

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